Wednesday, January 9, 2013

At It Begins!!

Okay I only have a few minutes to blog! My little 4 month old is napping and I still got laundry and rooms to clean!

So I began my Taislim Challenge on January 1st! and in 7 days I lost 7 pounds and  20.24 Inches!! To say I was suprised would be an understatement! I am still nursing my little one and was worried about my Milk supply even though I was told it shouldn't affect it. I need not worry! everything is going good and I am so happy that the shakes agree with My baby! I just started going back to the GYM on Monday! I'm doing a lot of leg and ab work outs since having a baby makes things not so tone anymore lol! I am amazed by how yummy the shakes taste and how easy it has been to keep on track! SO excited to see my end result in 90 days! woot woot! (well less than that now)

I am making 2013 my Healthy Year! 17 again here I COME! I hope the world is ready :) yes I am that cheesy! Excited for what is to come this Year!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

90 Day Challenge!

2013 is the year I am going to be "17 again" . I am ready to begin my weight loss journey and lose this baby weight!
I have more than just the baby weight I need to lose! I am taking the TaiSlim 90 Day Challenge starting January 1st! My Husband's family has done it and have seen such great results that I figure its my turn and my Time! plus after doing the win lose or blog season I know challenges and competion helps me stay motivated and focus! So Here is to the new year! Lets Rock it Out!

Sunday, December 2, 2012


Well I'm happy to report I had my Baby! She was born September 12th 2012 and now I am needing to get my work out on and get this baby weight off of me! I am excited to get serious about it now and start exercising in full force again! I miss running!! So Here is to December no excuses month of my weight loss get healthy month! thats the theme I decided " No excuses" just cause its the Holidays is no excuse for poor diet and work outs not happening!! We are leaving the 13th for AZ to spend the holidays with family but I plan to go running in the morning everyday! so Here are my goals for this month!

Goals for December 2012:

*exercise 30-45 minutes a day
*running/walking every morning! ( so excited for Lance to have a break with school so I can early in the early morning! I'm BFing still and Lance leaves around the time I want to go running and little girl is still sleeping!)
* watch my portions!
* keep my sweets to a minimum
* weigh in each week to check progress
* read scriptures every day
* learn something new- I want to learn how to crochet a scarf!

okay Wish me luck!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Work Out...Restrictions

Wow I haven't been blogging on here like I wanted to! yikes! A lot has happen since my last post! I have gained 10 pounds since the holidays (Christmas) However I most of that weight has been added just recently because I'm on work out restrictions! Why? Well On Jan 6th I found out I am pregnant! Which is amazing and such a miracle! I am very grateful to have had the chance to be on WLB and lost weight and change my diet! I honestly believe because of my weight loss and diet change that made it possible for my body to work right and get preggers! This is my 3rd pregnancy and my Doctor has me as a high risk pregnancy and no working out till 12 weeks if everything looks good. which means I have 12 days left of work out restrictions that I am praying will be lifted! woot woot! fingers crossed! I am excited to see how my weight goes through out this pregnancy my goal is to gain the least amount of weight possible and have a healthy pregnancy!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Holiday Week!!

Well this week has been the first week after the WLB competition and I let loose this week! I got my exercise in but I ate soooooo much food!! and Pie!! and sweets!!! I didn't really hold back much! but I drank my water and I felt good with my workouts! :) So i decided I was going to keep with the weighing in once a week to hold me accoutable and focus on my goals still! well I gained one pound this week which I thought was gonna be worse so I will take my 1 pound this week since I did eat a lot of thanksgiving food and sweets and next week is a new week! I'll get back on track and have a loss next week!! hopefully! but i'm not gonna beat mself up about it I figured i would gain 5 pounds with all the food i was eating so it was less than i expected! :) I start another part-time job tomorrow so my work outs have to start now at 6am! :) yikes! but it is what it is and i don't want to go back to where i was so its worth waking up early!  Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Black Bean Brownies

So Today was the last weigh in for the Win Lose or Blog Competition and so I thought I would splurg a little and I made brownies...but with a twist! I found online brownies with black beans...they taste really good very rich for me so one is plenty! I 'll have to post some pictures I took of the brownies they turn out a little darker than normal. But they were good and hit the spot! :) Tomorrow I am excited to run 5 miles! The cold weather is coming in tonight and I am loving that! I need new running shoes bad too!! I Need to get our Hot Chocolate 5K reg. so that I don't lose momentum or motivation. I don't think I will but its very easy to get out of shape with out trying lol so I want to keep moving forward. I am Very Happy with my expierence with WLB and Sure glad I submitted my application into them! :) So now its time for Marathon training and getting into size small and size 6 -8 again! I am super excited for that! A contestant from WLB Catherine did these Fashion Motivations during the WLB Competition and I loved them! They totally helped with my Motivation!  So here are some clothers I Heart!

these and more cute tops and skirts and dresses can be found here.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

update pictures

September on the left, november on the right

Aug on the left October on the right

                                   October 9                Nov. 11